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Pregen Characters for Interns and Invaders • 2016 supplement

Sheila Ayala Heady •

Major: Marketing
Spends most of the workday: Promoting their upcoming DJing gig

Tell Me (+1): I am a college junior looking for experience in communications.

Strength (+1): My attention to detail.

Weakness (-1): I’m a perfectionist and can take too long.

Five Years (+1): I see myself in a leadership position.

Hobby (+1): I have a side job DJing.

Major: Dropped out to work at a startup
Spends most of the workday: Secretly working on their app

Tell Me (+1): I am a go-getter who never accepts failure.

Strength (+1): Making the most of sudden opportunities.

Weakness (-1): I can be very critical of my work.

Five Years (+1): I see myself having climbed quite a bit.

Hobby (+1): I play flag football.

Major: Transferred to accounting after failing studio art
Spends most of the workday: Frantically trying to learn Excel

Tell Me (+1): I am an accounting student who works well under pressure.

Strength (+1): My ability to learn new skills.

Weakness (-1): I have had trouble with planning and prioritization.

Five Years (+1): I hope to be a backbone of a team.

Hobby (+1): I sell handmade leather phone cases on Etsy.

Author Comments (if any)

I’m not sure if a supplement to a game that was entered in the RPG side of this counts, but my playtesters found these helpful so I thought I’d include it!

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