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Lifeboat • 2016 rpg

YG Mitchell • no link

Thanks: Hitchcock

4+ players (1 Enemy Submariner)

We escaped our sinking civilian ship. Our Navy retaliated - destroyed the submarine. 
Now we float, lost…

We saved an enemy. They’ll navigate this lifeboat - if we trust them. 
Otherwise we’ll just drift.

Keep character details to yourself, at least at first.
13 card deck. Just hearts. 1 each except Submariner.

2-6                   Working Class
7*-10               Middle
J-A(11-14)      Upper

*You speak the enemy's language. Will you translate?

Introduce characters when pulled aboard, one-by-one. 
Submariner: You're (secretly?) submarine commander and fluent in your enemy’s language.

Highest wins.  Reshuffle/redeal used cards.  

Challenge someone's action/assertion.  
They back down or demand to show cards.
Anyone can add their card to help.
Highest card breaks ties.
If no-one stops you, you do it.

If there’s a vote, use cards. 

Eventually we'll vote for Outcome:

**After first Outcome Vote, discard 2 from deck+roll D20.
Repeat every 10min.
If deck runs out, vote one person off each time.**


            b)Submariner navigates(15-20=Success)

Success=We’re found! 

SUBMARINER:Did you navigate us to your territory? Arrest any of them.

Otherwise, we vote whether Submariner’s arrested on arrival, even if they helped.

Author Comments (if any)

Based on the film by Alfred Hitchcock

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