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Cointoss • 2016 rpg

Nicholas LS Whelan •

You are you. You're in a restaurant waiting for food to arrive. You stand up.

Cointoss can be played anywhere, for any length of time, without any preparation. At the start of a game, you are who you are, where you are, when you are. Then, the imaginary you deviates, and goes off to have some adventure you could never attempt in real life.

You can do anything you could normally do without question. The referee describes the world around you, and determines which actions have a chance of failure. Such actions require a coin toss: heads is success, tails is failure. Some actions may require two successes to work, others may only require a single success out of two tosses. Thus any action may have a 75%, 50%, or 25% chance of success.

Anything is within the purview of these flips. You can check to see if you've spontaneously developed superpowers, or if you can get yourself elected president. It doesn't matter, because no game of Cointoss will ever last long. Eventually the food comes, and the game ends. So get moving.

Author Comments (if any)

“You stand up” on the first line should be bold. “So get moving” on the last line should be italicized.

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