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Crossroad Fables • 2016 supplement

Michael Wenman •

Crossroad Fables
(Requires a standard card deck)
The characters enter an inn just to the side of a crossroads between two great trade routes. Here they overhear the tales of merchants familiar with the area… they speak of the nearby crossroads and those who made deals with its devil under the new moon’s shadow.
Each player is dealt 4 random cards and each has the chance to tell one of the tales heard by the characters. Each tale always follows a traditional structure:
-The devil’s deal
-The rise of the protagonist
-Things go bad
-The devil’s due
Each stage has a few sentences. Anyone may interrupt the story by saying “that’s not how I remember it”, then playing a card. If a red card is played, the interruption makes things better for the protagonist. If a black card is played, things get worse. After hearing this interruption, someone else may interrupt as long as they reveal a card of higher value. The highest value interruption stands.
At story end, players replenish hands. The next story begins.
When done, add values of each story’s cards. 
A final card determines which story is true.
Red = Highest total
Black = Lowest total

Author Comments (if any)

Crossroad Fables is designed as a mini game that might be added to a regular campaign. The crossroads are designed as something to add some flavour to an otherwise ordinary tavern stop between major towns, and a chance for the GM to take a break from being the constant source of creativity.

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