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Hero Cop II: Death Sentence • 2016 rpg

Stephen Karnes • no link

An RPG inspired by bad action movies.

You Need:
4 players


Number rolled indicates how many sentences you must use to narrate the action.
In scene three, it also indicates how many words must be used in your final one-liner. 

Scene 1: The hero is too late, the friend is on the verge of death. 
Narrator - Roll to set scene.
Friend - Roll to tell the hero how to find the villain.

Scene 2: The hero must defeat the villain’s guards.
Narrator - Roll to set scene.
Hero - Roll to narrate how you defeat the villain’s henchpeople.

Scene 3: Final Showdown
Narrator - Roll to set scene.
Villain - Roll to narrate your witty remarks when the hero finally makes it to your lair. 
Hero and Villain both roll
High number wins. (tie = roll again)
Low number begins.
Low Number - Narrate how you attempt to defeat your opponent.
High Number - Narrate how their attempt fails, then roll again. This number determines how many words must be in the final one-liner you utter before defeating them. 

The End

2-3 players: Play more than one role. 
5 or more players: Add a sidekick, love interest, dirty cop, etc.

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