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Corporate Wars • 2016 rpg

Terence Leong • no link

Select a Department: Marketing, Accounting, HR, IT, Legal etc. You are now its Manager, with $10k in Funding. Your goal: secure the most Funding by the last Week of December.

Each Month has 4 Weeks. Scheme, plot and ally (both openly and secretly) with the other Managers, then secretly write down your action for the Week:

- Do Solo work
- Ally target Department
- Betray target Department

Reveal all actions simultaneously.

- Allied with someone that ignored you: they get 1 Work.
- Allied with someone that chose Solo: you get 1 Work, they get 2.
- Allied with someone that Allied with you: both get 3 Work. 
- Allied with someone that Betrayed you: you get nothing, they get 3 Work. 
- Betrayed someone that chose Solo: you get 1 Work, they get nothing.
- Betrayed someone that Betrayed you: both lose $2k Funding.
- Betrayed someone that ignored you: you get 1 Work.

One Week has now passed.  After every four Weeks, get fresh Funding. Where X = the number of Managers, the Manager with the most Work gets $Xk, followed by $X-1, $X-2 etc. Everyone loses $1k and discards all Work at the end of each Month.

If you ever have no Funding, you are out.

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