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The Emperor’s death by the hands of his wives • 2016 rpg

Nick Wedig •

Emperor Terenghast conquers many kingdoms, forcing noblewomen to marry him against their will.  You are these women.  You are, naturally, plotting to assassinate him.  But the palace has many guards, spies and inhuman dangers.  You must appear innocent at all times, or be executed.

One player plays Terenghast and his entire empire.  The other players play Terenghast’s wives conspiring to assassinate him.

Ladies, your trust level starts at 6.  

How does the emperor oppress your friends and family?
What factor complicates your assassination plans?
What skill have you mastered?
What’s your part of the assassination plan?

When you attempt something risky or sneaky, Terenghast’s player names a potential negative consequence, and so do you.  Roll 3d6. 

When you use the skill you have mastered, you may reroll any 1s you choose.

0-4 Failure  
5-7Success, but two consequences
8-10 Success, but one consequence
11+ Flawless success

For each die that rolls equal to or higher than your current trust level, lower your trust by 1.  If you reach trust level 0, then the Emperor has declared you a traitor.  He has you executed.

You can, instead, choose to discard any dice you rolled, and accept the lower die total.

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