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Something Wrong • 2016 rpg

Riccardo Rossi •

Needed: Poker deck.
Draw cards covered.

The oldest player picks up an object (lamp, book, uncle...): “Something's wrong with [this].”

Round 1:
A) Each player... Confirms, Denies or Acts.

Confirm: describe something else that's wrong about [this]; +1 card.
Deny there's anything wrong: nothing wrong happens in your (B).
Act (e.g. “I burn it”) to slow down the Wrong. Draw and reveal a card, read the result; +2 cards.

Card results:
2-9: You're Safe.
J/Q: You're Damaged (from next Turn, read J/Q as “Gone”).
K/A: You're Wrong (subtly transformed, mad...).

B) Each non-Denying Player draws a card, reveals it. If he doesn't like it, he reveals one of his until he accept his fate. Discarded cards make up the Wrong Deck.

Round 2:
Repeat 1, plus...

A) Each Wrong Player denies a Safe Player  a card/his immunity; writes a Truth about the Wrong

B) Each WP forces an SP to draw from the Wrong Deck, describing how the Wrong disturbs him without fully revealing itself.

Deck Finished (WPs?SPs)/Last SP: WPs discuss Truths privately, then tell SPs the Wrong's true nature and narrate their deaths accordingly.

Deck Finished (SPs>WPs): SPs narrate their escape.

Author Comments (if any)

Thanks to Altan, Caterina & Marco for reading this game and helping me make it better. I hope they stay Safe while I keep it Wrong.

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