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The Tribe • 2016 rpg

Lech Górski • no link

I am tribe's Spiritual Force and Fate.
You are the Chosen One.
But beware... only the most skilled ones may pass the Trial.
For one Virtue for you to demonstrate, I add BLACK d6 to the pool.
For each Virtue, you add one Village Trait and BLUE d6 to the pool. You can add more, but add RED d6 instead.
I add one Complication and BLACK and RED d6 to the pool. I cannot add more that Village Traits.
For each Complication, tell me your Personal Trait and add BLUE d6 to the pool. You can add more, but add RED d6 instead.
Start our story, Chosen One.
When we narrate our story, we draw and roll dices from the pool. BLUE dice, the outcome is favorable to you, BLACK dice - it's not.
Keep the drawn blue and black dices into two pools.

A person who draws a RED die, chooses to fail or succeed before roll, but the dice goes to the other pool.
After all dices have been drawn, sum the results in each pool. If sum in BLUE pool is greater or equal to the sum in BLACK pool, you complete the Trial. Otherwise, you fail.

Author Comments (if any)

This is the first RPG game I have ever written. I’d be delighted for any comments about it :).

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