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Check Your Privilege • 2016 rpg

Joe Rooney •

Use this to tell stories in worlds of systemic inequality where you’re fighting the power.

You can use any setting you like for this.  The key thing is that it needs some fundamental unfairness and oppression in it, as this game is about exploring the effects of privilege and pushing back against it.

Character Generation:

Then roll a D10 (9 is best, 0 is worst) - this is your Privilege score. It represents different things in different settings: a straight white cissexual not-yet-disabled upper class guy is probably a 9 in real-world terms, for example. Make a note of it.

You also have 20 points to spend (max. 9 in anything) on Backgrounds.  These can be broad-ranging and just need to be setting-appropriate: Office Worker, Musician and Farmer would all be fine in the real world.  Make another note of these.

Then choose a name.

Doing things:

If you wanna do something risky, roll D100.  You wanna roll equal to or less than a number made up of your Privilege as the 10s and a relevant Background as the units.  So if you have Privilege 6 and a relevant background of 4, you wanna roll 64 or less.  00 always fails.

Author Comments (if any)

The important thing here is that Privilege is assigned first at character generation, and you only get to roll the d10 once and have to put up with whatever result you got. On account of, well, that’s how it works in the real world too.

A longer version would have stuff about passing and integrity and possibly storing stuff in an invisible knapsack.

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