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Fencing Duel • 2016 rpg

Kyle • no link

One player flips a coin, the other calls heads or tails. Who ever calls correctly is the “attacker”, the other is the “defender”. Each player secretly chooses their action and writes it down. They each flip a coin, tails is a failure and heads is a success, each player then reveals their action they choose. 

If the attacker has both a counter and success they gain 1 point and switch roles, if they have a counter and failure, no points are gained, and roles are switched. If the attacker is countered but has a success, no points are awarded and roles stay the same, if the attacker is countered and has a failure, the defender gains a point and roles are switched, if neither side counters and the attacker has a success the attacker gains a point and roles stay the same, if neither side counters and the attacker has a failure no points are given and roles switch.

The game is won when one player has 5 points

The attacker can choose:
Thrust: counters riposte, Lunge: counters Beat, or Feint: counters Parry

The defender can choose:
Parry: counters Thrust, Riposte: counters Lunge, or Beat: counters Feint.

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