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The Tale • 2016 rpg

Thomas Gallecier •

The Tale

The Tale is recounted among players.

When it is time, roll 30 six-sided dice and gather them in the center of the table.
Then, choose a first player.

Players take turns. Play goes clockwise around the table.
When it is your turn, take a die. Any die. Place this die in front of you.

The die indicates a number. 
This is the number of words you shall use to answer a question about the Tale. 

When answering, take your time. Be curious, but be aware of the meaning behind your words.

After your response, ask a new question about the Tale for the next player to answer.
Questions should remain simple and precise but are not necessarily obvious. Take your time.

The first question to be asked is always : 'What is the title of this Tale?'
The last question to be asked is always: 'How does this Tale end?'

Players win by recounting a tale of enchantment together.

Author Comments (if any)

‘The Tale’ is a nano-game by Thomas G. (@tabletopthomas) written for the 2016 edition of the 200 Word RPG Challenge organized by David Schirduan. Thank you to all the creative minds in my Google+ circles who nourish my imagination every single day.

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