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Rainbow World • 2016 supplement

Matt Bohnhoff • no link

Rainbow World is a setting creation minigame that begins with players sitting around a table, a stack of notecards, pencils, and Skittles. Players take turns establishing facts about Rainbow World and altering them through historical events. To establish a fact a player writes it on a notecard and places it on the table. When other players deem a fact or event interesting, they award its writer a randomly selected candy. To change a fact a player must eat one of their candies and write an event on a new notecard that explains how it changed, placing it over the altered fact. The color of the candy eaten determines the kind of event:
Red represents war or widespread violence.
Orange represents exploration, discovery, or invention.
Yellow represents social changes that bring about sweeping cultural shifts.
Green represents various environmental disasters.
Purple represents, for better or worse, the actions of single incredible individuals.
New facts and events cannot contradict others that are currently true. Play does not have to proceed in a specific order but a player may not place two consecutive notecards. The game continues until everyone is satisfied with the setting or all the candies are eaten.

Author Comments (if any)

I’d like to thank my editor, Harper Baird, and my playtesters for indulging me in this little game.

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