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Tyranny of Law • 2016 supplement

Drake Williams • no link

For any game where alignment or concepts work as a supernatural force of nature.

Magical forces of Law are beginning to run rampant in areas, and it's affecting everything. Even chance must bow before order in these areas.

For each die you use, write down each number on that die once in any order. You will use this order in sequence instead of rolling while in a Law-dominated area every time you need to roll that die. Once you have used each entry on your list, you start again at the beginning of the list. STs should use one list for all of their rolls.

If your system uses multiple dice to determine an outcome, write down each outcome rather than every possible combination of dice. For GURPS’ 3d6, this means you'll track 18 results instead of 216. In World of Darkness or Shadowrun, you’d have a list for each die pool total and the possible results tracked for each. This may make critical failures just as common as critical successes in some systems! Your ST may choose to have one critical failure entry per list in this case, unless Chaos starts beating Law at it’s own game this way.

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