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The Trial • 2016 rpg

Tobie Abad •

The Trial
For any odd number of players.
Needs three black and three white tokens.

One plays the Judgeseer.  She sits at the center of the room, and the rest split to two groups on either side.   Each side has come to raise a complaint.  The group with the eldest player starts the game by stating the issue.   
Only one person from each side can speak at a time. Afterwards, someone from the other side must rebut, or raise a related issue.  The argument must always take turns.
At any time, during the arguments, the Judgeseer can “sense” a speaker lying. If so, the Judgeseer declares aloud while that speaker speaks: “LIE.”  The other side then must speak and tell the truth of that topic.  That explanation, might be a lie as well.  It all depends on what the Judgeseer senses.
At any time one speaks out of turn, the Judgeseer drops a token. One side uses the black tokens. One side uses the white tokens.  When a token is dropped all must remain silent.  The Judgeseer then chooses who speaks to start the turns.  If any side has caused three tokens to drop, that side has lost the debate.

Author Comments (if any)

Inspirations: John Wick’s Houses of the Blooded, Brian K. Vaughan’s Saga, and Dr Who. Special thanks to Rocky and Yoshi.

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