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The Davidsons Are New in Town • 2016 rpg

Kamil Wegrzynowicz • no link

An RPG poem about gossips for three or more players

The Davidsons just moved into your town and bought the bakery from Kowalsky’s no-good son.
Characters will gossip about the Davidsons, be curious and judgemental.
Players will improvise new facts, challenge others’ opinions.


Start with small talk, in character. Discuss mundane things about the town and yourselves. Establish basic facts. 


One player must eventually say:
“There’s a new family in town. They’ve bought old Kowalsky’s bakery. Nothing will be the same now. Have you heard...”

Gossip phrases - use when you want to...

“Have you heard…” - establish new facts
“Tell them, you've been there…” - when you want another player to expand facts or delegate other player(s) to defend your position
“What's more…” - add to someone’s facts or defend your position
“That doesn't sound so bad…” - when you don’t agree with someone but don’t want to stop current subject
“I'm sure they're nice people, I’ve seen them…” - stop current subject and defend Davidsons. Describe something nice they did.

Game ends after 15 minutes or once you’ve said three nice things about the Davidsons.

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