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Interns and Invaders • 2016 rpg

Sheila Ayala Heady •

You are a group of interns in an office Gchatting with a friend downstairs. Your friend sends a message about co-workers acting strangely. You hear a scream.


Your attributes are your one-sentence interview answers to:

Tell me about yourself. (+1)
What is your greatest strength? (+1)
What is your greatest weakness? (-1)
Where do you see yourself in five years? (+1)
Tell me about your hobbies. (+1)

Roll two six-sided dice when the narrator asks. If an attribute is relevant, apply the modifier.

Optional: If you die or are otherwise incapacitated create a new character and describe how they run into the group.


Ask what the interns want to attempt and call for rolls when an outcome is uncertain. A roll of 2-6 fails and should complicate things, 7-9 is a partial success, 10+ is a complete success.

Determine the nature of the threat from the table below (randomly or your choice), then choose its goal and at least one weakness.

Hypnotic Great Old One cultists
Time traveling shapeshifting cyborgs
Alien bacteria spores
Brain-eating psychic octopi
Vampires aggressively harvesting thralls
Curse spreading from tainted coffee mug

Find out what happens. Play ends at a natural stopping point.

Author Comments (if any)

Theme inspired by Hello From the Magic Tavern’s imaginary game Offices and Bosses, dice mechanic inspired by Vincent Baker’s Apocalypse World

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