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Peregrination • 2016 rpg

Christopher N Corradini •

You’re going on a journey.
Travel with your companions to thwart a great threat.
Success is not guaranteed, you can always retreat to live another day.

Start walking to progress the narrative.
Take narrative cues from your surroundings as you build your world.
Stop walking to pause, plan and regroup.
Introduce an obstacle in your way. 
Suggest ways to overcome obstacles, if there is a chance of failure make a check.
Turn around and walk back along your path to retreat from an obstacle this does not remove the obstacle but it keeps you safe from the danger it poses.

From Body, Mind and Spirit, choose any one to be your Weakness, Strength and Destiny.
Your Strength or Weakness may be the same as your Destiny.
To make a check, flip a coin.
If flipping your Strength, flip two, take the better. If flipping your Weakness, flip two, take the worse.
Once each game, before you flip, you may choose to succeed on a flip related to your Destiny.

You may sacrifice yourself to automatically pass an obstacle, you become a Specter with strength in Spirit and weakness in Body and Mind. A Specter can’t sacrifice itself.

Author Comments (if any)

Special thanks to Heather Ward, John Ivan Norry and Spencer Hughes for support and help during the design process.

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