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20 Trail Signs for Tracking • 2016 supplement

Mark S. Cookman •!bio/c1ktj

Your PC's are tracking the bad guys, but have lost them. The ranger searches for signs of the trail.
The player rolls and gets a success. "What did I find?"

Below is a small table to help answer that question. Have fun tracking the bad guys. ;)

1. Partially covered tracks.
2. Signs of a hastily-hidden fire-pit.
3. A partially chewed bone.
4. Brush marks across the trail.
5. A discarded piece of brush used as a broom.
6. A latrine trench or hole.
7. Discarded pieces of a lean-to or other temporary shelter.
8. Small pieces of rope or vine.
9. A dropped coin.
10. A broken arrow or crossbow bolt.
11. A broken button.
12. Rocks that have been used for sharpening.
13. A fragment of cloth caught in briers.
14. A thin strip of leather; a broken strap?
15. Signs of a false trail leading the wrong way.
16. A half-eaten piece of jerky.
17. Signs of a hastily broken down camp.
18. Signs of the party you are tracking having had an encounter.
19. Discarded dressings or bandages.
20. Physical signs of passage through the area: blood, skin, fur, hair, claw, etc.

Author Comments (if any)

More small supplements of this sort can be found at!blog/c112v

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