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I'm fine • 2016 rpg

Aleksandra Sontowska •

a game for 2+ players 
One player is Distressed, others are Friends.

something annoying or unpleasant happened today. You’re upset. You feel: (choose 1) afraid/ angry/ ashamed/ guilty/ tired. 

Think about it:
What happened:
where or when:
who was involved:


Now you’re spending time with friends, not really want to talk about it. If they do something that makes you feel better, cross out one option and tell them that bit of what happened.
If they’re not helpful or worse, cross out one option - you won’t tell about this your friends, ever. Say or do something that shows your emotions about what happened.

Call the end of the game when you cross all options out.

You’re spending time as always, and one of you - the Distressed - is visibly upset. Take care of them.

From now on everything anyone says or does is in character, and the character is your alter ego. 

Debriefing: When the game ends, tell others shortly (1 minute) about your feelings or thoughts, with Distressed player at the end. Do not comment about what others said, but think about it.   

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