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Blinded • 2016 rpg

Jim Rennie • no link


In the present day, near-past, or near-future, humanity undergoes an event called The Blinding.  While human vision remains technically normal, sectors of the population are rendered “face-blind” overnight.  Those who are face-blind cannot recognize another person by looking at their face and must rely on other cues.  Those affected by The Blinding can occasionally find a group of other individuals (known as a “select”) whose faces they can still recognize as before The Blinding.  

For in-game purposes: all Player-Characters start face-blind to all Non-Player-Characters.

At creation, players roll 1d6 for the following stats:

Body (strength, stamina, touch)
Mental (intelligence, wisdom, intuition)
Visual (recognizing clothing, marks) 
Olfactory (taste, smell)
Auditory (voice, footfalls)

For challenges, Players roll 1d10 with bonuses / penalties as agreed upon with the GM.

If Players wish to know if an NPC they are speaking with are the same as a previous NPC they have encountered must make a successful (higher or equal to the appropriate stat) challenge roll.  

Stats increase by 1 after a character makes a number of successful challenges equal to the current stat value. 

Although an area of great interest, technology to aid the face-blind in identifying others does not yet exist.

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