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Novelty • 2016 rpg

Aaron Griffin • no link

Novelty is a writing game where players take turns writing chapters about a character of their own creation.

Setup: Discuss a setting and story you want to tell, but don’t fully decide on anything - let it emerge through writing. Agree on what may be off limits. Create anything you wish and reuse what others create. Destroy it if you must.

Introduction: Write a chapter introducing your character and the world they live in. End the chapter by providing a LOCATION you want the next chapters to happen in and TOPIC it should be about. Try to be abstract, indirect, and evocative.

Chapters: You begin with 7 author points. Spend a point to write a new chapter, choosing any LOCATION and TOPIC from the previous round. You may spend +1 point to change a LOCATION or TOPIC to anything you wish.

Conflict: Whenever there is conflict, end the chapter on a cliffhanger to give others a chance to determine the outcome.

Closing: When all author points are spent, everyone writes a closing chapter using any LOCATION and TOPIC.

Epilogue: Each player may write an epilogue chapter from an outside point of view

Author Comments (if any)

Living, updated document is here

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