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A Hallway, Dark • 2016 rpg

Frank Lisbon • N/A

Open door, roll 1d6 and deal with result. If you survive, try another door. 

Behind sixth door, in addition, there's a stairway up to the next floor. Defeat any demons and climb it.

Next floor has one less room. Zero rooms = an exit and a happy end game.

Character Sheet-
Light: (Begins at 6, ticked down at least one after each room. At 0, game over.)
Skills: (Begins at 1. A list of things that makes you special. Is the damage you do with an attack.)
Esteem: (Begins at 1. A list of good memories. Is the damage you can take before dieing.)
Trauma: (Begins at 1. A list of bad memories. Is the damage a demon does with an attack.)

Results/Behind door is...
1 A light that joins yours. +1 Light.
2 A happy memory. Write it down. +1 Esteem
3 A tool. Write it down. +1 Skill.
4 A shade that drains some of your light. -1 Light
5 A bad memory. Write it down. +1 Trauma. 
6 A demon. Deals damage = current trauma and can take damage = the floor number you are on before disappearing.

Determine initiative. All attacks hit. Ask if the damage kills.

Author Comments (if any)

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