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That Fateful Day • 2016 rpg

Jay Treat •

That Fateful Day
A roleplaying game for two

Gather 200 small things.
You'll be playing different aspects of the same character.

Take turns setting the stage, answering these questions in order:
Where and when are you?
What have you yearned and worked for all your life?
What makes today the most important day of your life?
What threatens to ruin everything?
Who else suffers if you fail?
What's so tempting about failing despite the cost?
What fuels your hope?
What is your greatest regret?
Who are you?*
What inside yourself are you struggling to overcome?**

** If you answered the last question, embody that aspect of the character. 
* If you answered the previous question, you're the character's primary consciousness. 
Both in the same head.

Take turns talking about today. What's happening? What does it mean? What should you do? Once said, a statement about reality is true… from that player's perspective. Time moves forward.

Whenever either of you speak, remove 1 of the 200 small things for each word you use.
When the last is removed, the day's events have played out. The game is over.

Did either of you accomplish something? How do you feel about your story?

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