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FaSt: Fate's a Bitch Edition • 2016 rpg

Daniel de Filippis •

As group, pick setting: (Fantasy, etc.)
In turn, decide:
Location (Mines)
Villains (Kobolds)
Ally (Wizard) 
Quirks (No magic)
Average Difficulty (1 Easy - 10 Impossible) 
WIN! Condition (Eat Cake!)
Blind pick who the party’s traitor is, don’t reveal. 

Might, Magic, Mind: Distribute 10 points. (Max 5, Min 1)
Pick 3 TAGS. Ex: Smart, Wise (Mind), Fireballs! (Magic)
Life = Might x2, Mana = Mind x2. If Magic > 4, choose 1 magic school (Summoning, Elements, etc.)
Roll a die, result = your FATE. 
Describe your PC to others.

Your trait > difficulty or enemy trait = SUCCESS
ALL applicable TAGs add +1
Not enough? Spend X Mana points for +X, or 
roll a D10: 
< Trait = SUCCESS
> Trait = FAIL
Roll = FATE? Critical Mess (Narrator decides)
Deal damage = to Might or Magic value (TAGS apply) 
Gear you find gives 1 TAG.
Healing not allowed.
D10 for initiative, highest first.

In turn, players draw a room and narrate it (NPCs, gear, etc) in 2 minutes. Once solved, next player becomes narrator. Narrator PC played by group.
A WIN! situation may only be introduced after (players x3) turns.
Traitor wins if all die or sabotages WIN!
Group wins if they WIN! 
If WIN! PCs gain +1 TAG. 

Author Comments (if any)

Based on FaSt: Fantastical Storytelling by Daniel de Filippis

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