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Recursive Roleplay • 2016 rpg

Joshua Sherwood • no link


0. You are having issues with your friends. Work them out with a safe, friendly game of pretending to be other people.

1. Get some people together to play a new role-playing game. You will need some dice, pencils,  index cards, and people.

2. Create your own RPG. Write the title and themes on a blank index card.

3. Roll a die. This value becomes the CRUNCH of your new game. Write this number on the index card.

4. Write the number of people playing the RPG on the index card. This number is the amount of FUN in the game.

5. Play a campaign based on the themes. To test for success or failure, roll CRUNCH! (factorial) dice against CRUNCH! + FUN. If you succeed, return to Step 2. If you fail, continue to Step 6.

6. Create your own RPG with the same themes, but with FUN - 1 and your choice of CRUNCH.

8. If FUN equals 0, tear the index card into pieces.

9. Go to Step 0. Repeat until no one wants to play, the multiverse has run out of FUN, or you run out of index cards.

Author Comments (if any)

The largest number of RPGs created here was twenty-two.

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