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War Council: a Dinner Larp • 2016 rpg

Tara Zuber •

This larp takes place over dinner and requires 1d6. A monarch is dining with some of their advisors and discussing the pros and cons of a possible war.

While Ordering: Decide roles and define your kingdom. Go around the table three times adding facts about your kingdom (positive and negative) or about the war.

Monarch: Listen. Make sure everyone talks. Stop fights. Ask leading questions. Start equally for and against the war.
Advisors: Convince the monarch. But first, decide your interests and stance.
Roll 1d6 for primary interest:
1 = Innovation
2 = Arts
3 = Reputation
4 = Safety
5 = Resources
6 = Trade
Roll 1d6 for war stance:
Odd = Pro-war
Even = Anti-war
If everyone or all but one rolls the same stance, reroll.

During dinner: Advisors argue for their stance using their interest as justification. The monarch listens, moderates, and asks questions.
-Build the world as you talk. Use “yes, and”, but disagree over interpretations and meaning
-Name citizens and groups within the kingdom. Advisors, take sides.
-Ask leading questions. Demand details. Be specific.

While paying: The monarch summarizes what they have heard and decides whether or not to wage or join a war.

Author Comments (if any)

I was sitting at dinner with friends and realized that the setting would be perfect for a discussion-based larp. The idea grew until I wanted to write it down and find friends willing to play, but I also wanted to ensure everyone had a role and that no one was placed outside of the game by having too much information. Randomization and player buy-in not only helped fixed that problem, but made me notice how few words I really needed to convey the core idea.

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