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Candidate • 2016 rpg

Dale Elvy •

Each player creates a Candidate for high office:
Create a name and describe the candidate.
Create a campaign slogan (great again, time for change etc.)
Write a dark secret and keep this secret. If guessed aloud at any time during the game, the candidate is eliminated.

Press Conference: One candidate holds a press conference, the other players take the role of reporters.  Repeat for each candidate.
The Candidate outlines why they should be elected.
Each reporter can ask the Candidate 2 questions which reference an event from their past.  These events are true.
The Candidate can clarify the context of each event (but not change the established details), this is also true.

Opinion Polls: Each player ranks the other candidates in order of preference, where 1=first.  Add the scores together.  The candidate with the highest score is eliminated.

Debate: The player of an eliminated Candidate plays the moderator.
The moderator introduces each candidate. 
Each candidate answers a topical question posed by the moderator (economy, national security, immigration etc.)
The moderator adjudicates.  The debate concludes when each Candidate has addressed each issue.

Election: Using the same method as ‘Opinion Polls’, determine the candidate with the lowest score.  They are victorious.

Author Comments (if any)

During almost every election campaign there’s a moment when you want to shout at the television or tell the world how it could have been done differently. This game is intended to be an outlet for that frustration, providing both an opportunity to lampoon politicians, or seriously explore the issues of the day, depending on your preferences.

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