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Black Gate • 2016 rpg

Kordian Krawczyk •

Two players, 1d6 for each. The vertical board of areas from +3 to -3. At 0 Black Gate. Your pawn at +3, mine at -3.Mission track: 7 challenges with levels (CL) 1 to 7.
We are lovers, family, friends or rivals. Let’s sketch background.
You're alive. I tell you what mission you have to accomplish.
I describe the challenge. Tell me how you're beating it, but if you roll less than CL, it costs you: fall one area, I describe what happened.
I'm dead. Tell me how it happened.
I'm trying to get out of hell, to find you and help. You describe the challenge. I describe how I want to overcome them. Roll below the CL is a success - climbing up. You describe the effect.
Next challenge. Repeat.
When you fall below the Gate - you're dead.
When we meet, those who joins describes.
When we meet at the Gate or above - we continue the mission. I describe how I assist. Together we add rolls. When victory have cost - we both fall.
When you/we achieve 7th challenge, the mission is done. - time for final. If it happened at the Gate, you can decide where you want to go.

Author Comments (if any)

Main inspirations: The Song of Bêlit, S/Lay w/Me. Thanks to Aleksandra Sontowska for help.

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