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Perjury • 2016 rpg

Mats Madison •

The Judge introduces the defendant and states the charges.
The Defense Attorney secretly draws a card from standard deck. Red means the defendant is guilty.
The Prosecutor and the Defense Attorney present their opening statements.
Both roll a die and keep it hidden.
One party, starting with the prosecution, presents one piece of evidence against the defendant.
The defense can rest, accepting the evidence as presented, or object.
In case of objection both parties show their die. If the defense’s die is higher - the Judge allows objection and defense can spin their own view on that same piece of evidence. Otherwise the Judge overrules the objection.
The prosecution continues by introducing another piece of evidence only in case of overruled objection. Otherwise the defense is allowed to introduce new evidence in favor of defendant and this time the Prosecutor can rest or object to it. 
In any case the dice are re-rolled.
After 5 evidence have been presented both parties make their closing statements.
The Judge brings a verdict and decides who won - the prosecution or the defense.
The Defense Attorney reveals guilty or not card and the Judge wins if he made the right call.

Author Comments (if any)

It didn’t fit into 200 words but the game can easily be expanded with other players (jury, defendant, witnesses).

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