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COLONYPUNK: a resistance & assimilation game • 2016 rpg

Bruce ES Warner • no link

You’re LOCALS; a FOREIGN power has colonised your nation.

You each describe a DIFFERENCE between your LOCAL nation and the FOREIGN power ruling you, and why that matters to you. Make it juicy.
Tell why the character to your right is a FRIEND.
Tell why the character to your left is a RIVAL.

Together, decide what FOREIGN INJUSTICE you all want to make right.

Start with two coins each.

To resolve a tense interaction, roll 1d6; +1d6 when DIFFERENCES are relevant; +1d6 if your FRIEND or RIVAL narrates their involvement (if that involvement actively defies the FOREIGN power, they lose one coin).

- Interacting with LOCAL things (e.g. your customs, technology, geography)? Dice showing OVER your number of coins are WINS.
- Interacting with FOREIGN things (e.g. their customs, technology, bureaucracy)? Instead dice showing UNDER your number of coins are WINS.

One WIN means you SUCCEED; more means extraordinary success! (If you SUCCEED on a FOREIGN interaction, gain one coin.)

If you get six coins, narrate how you are convinced to stop working to right the FOREIGN INJUSTICE.

Can you right the FOREIGN INJUSTICE before you’re convinced to give up?

Author Comments (if any)

Colonypunk is a response to conversations following a game of Dog Eat Dog set in my contemporary island home of Guam. I think ”Colonypunk” would also be a great name for the RPG genre of both games, if anyone wants to use it that way.

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