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Hellstern • 2016 supplement

Alberto Tronchi & Francesco Zani • no link

Doesn’t matter the game, declare “HELLSTERN” to create new and unexpected situations. Make a gun with your hand and point it towards another player. You are the Gunner, they are the Target. Declare something about the character the Target is controlling right now (change the tides of the story or impose a shift in perspective). e.g. you killed someone; you are attracted by me; you betrayed all of us.

The Target can either choose to:
- Become the Gunner point new Target -> add something to the declaration involving the new Target. You cannot point someone already targeted or characters not controlled by anyone.
- Show an open hand to the present Gunner -> “Change the Scale” of the declaration then countdown from 3. In this time someone else, that wasn’t targeted in this phase, can declare a new “Change in Scale”. e.g. “you killed someone” might become “you killed a lot of people" or "you hurt someone";

The last person to either be Targeted or change the scale must now narrate how the declaration becomes part of the story. 

How to “Change the Scale” of the declaration:
- make it bigger/smaller
- explode/implode consequences
- add/subtract details

Author Comments (if any)

We just wanted to break some games ;D

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