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Antumbra Crepuscul? • 2016 rpg

Maxim Steshenko • no link

Light casts shadows in the City of Valour and everlasting Sun, where false prophets used to rally endless crusades. But this age is long gone, and now shadows seek what lies beyond the city walls. Each player starts as a shadow with two coins on her eyes and one player is a mysterious Duskbringer, who appears among shadows to guide them. 

Shadow can shimmer through impassable or hazardous places. Narrate your path without using any visual references or conventional names (use smell, sound, tactile sensation and even taste). Duskbringer concludes “...and darkness shrouds you.” upon success or “...and light banishes you.” otherwise.

Shadow can trick wanderers on her way to get what she needs, including Duskbringer himself. Stack two of your coins and hit them on a surface. You succeed with two Tails and two Heads are a failure. The rest means a favour in return. And for each fulfilled favour Duskbringer may grand you coins.

Shadow can endure any complications (obstacles, persons or circumstances). Narrate your actions, then discard required amount of coins to succeed or throw all your coins on a surface. For each Head Duskbringer distorts the outcome of one of your intentions.

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