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Nyx • 2016 rpg

Kirt Dankmyer •

Leave wheel of Karma? Become enlightened.

Or your team's path: End suffering by smashing the wheel. Extinguish all life.

Contemplate suffering.

Pick a Tarot card for your Muse. Your magic, suicide-born. 

Describe failed suicide during which your newborn Muse branded a wheel-breaking vision upon your soul.

Pick a single digit, your Measure. 

None may have same Measure. 

Take turns, Measure order, being Nyx.

Nyx describes team moment that could bring apocalypse closer.

Nyx describes hidden, opposing demon. Secretly writes its goal. 

Each player secretly writes a goal and how they're achieving it. Magic must fit one's Muse. 

Pass papers to Nyx. Nyx returns overreaching goals for re-write.

Players secretly roll d10. Record result.

Nyx matches rolls to goals randomly. For players, if casting magic, succeed if roll under Measure. Otherwise, roll higher. 

If magic was cast, demon's Measure is highest casting roll. Otherwise demon's Measure is 11.

Nyx rolls d10. Roll under Measure for demonic success.

Nyx describes moment's results based on goals, successes, and failures. 

Goals conflict? Highest successful roll wins. Nyx decides ties. 
World and game ends if all team succeed and demon fails.
Otherwise, player with lowest roll replaces their Muse with the demon. Nyx role passes. 

Author Comments (if any)

Trigger Warning: Attempted suicide.

Note: The pseudo-Buddhist philosophy of the game is deliberately warped for the purpose of horror. It in no way represents actual Buddhist beliefs and does not represent my own attitudes toward the Buddhist religion.

I didn’t expect to write something this dark. I’ve been under a lot of stress, but I was actually in a good mood when I wrote this. It’s actually inspired by some microfiction I wrote years ago and the classic PS2 video game Persona 3.

The Measure mechanic is derived from the core mechanic of Trollbabe by Ron Edwards.

I’d especially like to thank Hope Evey and Jaye Foster for their feedback on this.

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