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Township • 2016 rpg

Alexander Newcombe •

“Beasts, rebels, and raw nature threaten your town. What will you sacrifice to survive?”

•Place the jacks and kings of a deck in front of you. Shuffle the rest.

“What talents do you bring to your town?”

Spades - Authority, Insight, Leadership
Hearts - Compassion, Connections, Inspiration
Diamonds - Wealth, Negotiation, Wit
Clubs - Labour, Fighting, Hunting

•Take your suit’s jack and king, plus 4 cards.

•Dealer draws 4 cards and decides what Threat they represent
•She lays them face down, announcing each suit
•She narrates the Threat

Ex. “The nightly howling drove the miller mad. He's lost in the woods."

•Describe your characters' reactions
•Place a card next to a Threat card of the same suit
•Flip all cards
•If the Threat is higher, the dealer takes the trick
•If the player wins, they choose:
     1. Take the trick and describe how the character helped themselves
     2. Give the trick to the town and describe how it is better off

The dealer raises the stakes each round.

If the town has fewer tricks than the dealer, it is destroyed. No one survives.
Otherwise, narrate your character’s fate based on their tricks:

Tricks        Ending
0                 Ruined
1                 Hurt
2+               Lauded

Author Comments (if any)

This takes inspiration from A Quiet Year and many other card-based 200 word games. It works best with 4 people who are either too selfish or too selfless.

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