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Only Together • 2016 rpg

Jeremy Lambros • @jblambros


You are somewhere dark and silent. You are alive, but injured.  You will survive only together.

Roll 6 six-sided dice until they show either a 1 or a 6. 1’s are penalties (-1 die) and 6s are bonuses (+1 die).

Create dice pools for these three qualities. Each quality begins with one die. 

MENTAL - perception, sanity, logic

PHYSICAL - strength, vigor, dexterity

SPECIAL - an item, a skill, a psychic ability

A negative number of dice is a hardship. Each round roll a six-sided die. A result of 1 means the player misses the next round. 

Each round each player asks a closed “yes or no” question. They roll from the most closely corresponding dice pool. 

6 is a success. All other results are a failure and the question may not be asked again for the entire game.

 1 is a catastrophic failure. Eliminate that dice pool for one round, except for a Special roll, that skill or item is now lost for the rest of the game. 

Successes establish the reality of your surroundings.

Multiple successes may be put aside and given to another to add a die to their next roll.

Rounds continue until all players survive together.

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