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Ere Break of Day • 2016 rpg

Andrei B •

There is a great treasure, hidden and guarded by terrible dangers. You and your company have the key to its location, and you are determined (or pressed) to seek it.

Take a sheet of paper and set out your contract:
>> The Company
>> Your Name and Kin
>> Your Duty (swordsman, burglar, digger, pathfinder, interpreter, and such)
>> Your Interest and promised Share in the treasure

One of you must guide the expedition and relate the manifold difficulties of the journey.

When you meet danger (skirmishes, traps, natural hazards, hostiles, privation, sorcery), discuss the most natural outcome, take action, and then roll a 10-sided die. The guide will determine the consequences accordingly.

1-2: Awful
3-4: Unlucky
5-6: Expected
7-8: Lucky
9-10: Advantageous

If the action is consistent with the companion's duty (as agreed), roll twice and take the preferable result.

Note on your contract if you are hurt, staggered, exhausted, wounded, baffled, dazed, and so on. These conditions can affect subsequent actions. They may be reversed in time.

When (which is to say, if) you and your company claim the treasure, review your past actions and conditions. Distribute the treasure accordingly. Go home.

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