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JukeBoxers • 2016 rpg

Phil Rosen • no link

In the year 2525, anthropomorphic songs battle for dominance over the malleable ruins of the Internet (think Tron meets Star Trek's Holodeck meets Road Warrior).

Objective: Everybody wants to rule the world.

1) Each player picks a song. For more fun, pick one at random off your music-player!

2) Pick an order. On your turn:
       Play your song.
       Each other player gives your song one Trait via free-association.
       (ex: Pokemon Theme – “FRIENDSHIP!” “destined” “guitar riffer”)

3) Pick a new order. On your turn:

      Play your song quietly as you talk.

      Set a goal for your song to accomplish. 

      You have free rein to describe the world, but don't contradict what others have established.

      Others can suggest awesome details.

      When you introduce another song, play it. Someone else should act as the song.

      When the scene reaches a point where you might achieve your goal, roll [1 + your applicable Traits] dice. If you are opposed by another player's song, they do the same; otherwise roll against 2 dice. If your total is higher, you decide what happens next. Otherwise, the group decides.

      Then the scene ends, and the next person goes.

4) Repeat until somesong rules the world.

Author Comments (if any)

Earlier drafts had more song references.

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