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Alycia has a nightmare • 2016 rpg

Pak Cormier •

Alycia has a nightmare

Players: someone is the Mazemaster; The others are Alycia. Help her escape! 

Need: cards (1 to 5 in 4 suits), counter, dice

Secretly create a mystery involving one ally, one enemy, and one object.
Shuffle the cards and build a 4*5 grid, face-down. 
Place Alycia’s counter on a card.

Game turn: 
One player moves Alycia on a adjacent card. Flip over the card she leaves and the card she lands on.
Mazemaster, describe a situation. Don't reveal right away whether an encounter is good or bad. Be smart! 
If in doubt about the result of an action, roll a dice. Even: successfull / Odd: missed 
Player and guardian discuss how to conclude the situation.

End game: when the mystery is solved.

Cards (Ally - Enemy - Object)

           ?                      ?                              ?                         ?
1    rabbit (A)    tennis racket (O)     gnome (A)            bear (A)
2    dragon (E)  mushroom (E)         key (O)                   teacher (E)
3    insect (E)    twins (A)                  watchmaker (E)    teacup (O)    
4    mirror (A)    troll (A)                    policeman (A)        wolf (A)    
5    flower (O)   King/Queen (E)        wizard (E)              cat (E)

Author Comments (if any)

Game by Pak Cormier for 200 Word RPG Challenge [2016] Thanks to Ivy, Eric, Thomas

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