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I Invented Time Travel • 2016 rpg

Todd Peters • no link

I Invented Time Travel

Players travel back to the day time travel was invented to establish themselves as the inventor.

Materials:  deck of cards without Jokers

Place one card face up in front of each person.  Each player should have a unique number, re-deal as necessary.  Highest card begins as the Inventor.

You, the Inventor, tell the story of the day you invented time travel.  Based on your card's suit, describe:

Clubs - what inspired you?
Diamonds - what resources made it possible?
Hearts - who helped you?
Spades - what complications did you overcome?

As the Inventor narrates, the player to the left (Seeker) begins turning over cards from the deck one by one every few seconds.

When the Seeker turns over a card that another player holds, that player arrives in the past and becomes the new Inventor.  Change Seeker too.

New Inventor, weave yourself into the story.  How do you change the timestream to become the true inventor?

If the Seeker turns over the same card that the Inventor holds, a temporal anomaly occurs.  The Seeker describes the anomaly and the Inventor incorporates it into the story.

Play ends when all cards are gone.

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