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BombSquad: Countdown to Destruction • 2016 rpg

Ian Werth •

A bomber is bent on reducing the city to ash. 

The squad scours the city to locate and defuse the bomb.  

The player controlling the squad starts with 4d6.

The player controlling the bomber starts with 6d6.

The Bomber lays 5 dice to the side (Timer Dice) and puts the last die under a cup.  This the location of the bomb.

The squad then guesses where the bomb is located.

Each time the squad guesses incorrectly the Bomber is able to remove one die from his timer dice.  This represents the time counting down on the bomb.

When the squad finds the bomb they try and defuse it.  

The squad rolls their 4d6.

The bomber rolls the remaining timer dice. 

If players roll 6’s they get passed to their opponent.

If players roll 1’s they are removed from the game.

If the squad runs out of dice first they have defused the bomb and saved the city.

If the bomber runs out of dice the device detonates and destroys the city.

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