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Principia Magicka • 2016 rpg

john melesky •

The Arch Conclave must meet and proclaim the core principle of magic.

Select a Chair. All players start with three Influence. Write your
mage name on a card. Play starts with the Chair, and proceeds

During your turn, choose one:

  - Support a theory. If the theory doesn't exist, write it on a card,
    then write it under "Pet Theory" on your card. If it's another
    mage's Pet Theory, take Influence from them.

  - State that you support no known theory.

  - Perform an experiment on a theory. Each mage may spend Influence
    to modify the roll by one (up or down).
        Roll a d6:
           >=5 produces evidence
           <=1 produces counterevidence
    Mark the result on the theory card. If noone spends Influence, and
    the roll produces evidence or counterevidence, the experimenter
    gains Influence.

  - Discredit an experiment. Give Influence to the experimenter; erase
    the evidence from the theory.

  - Call for a vote. Spend Influence and name a theory (or none: this
    is a vote for adjournment without result). All mages (except you)
    vote Yea or Nay. Total the Yea Influence and the Nay Influence. If
    Nay, continue play. If Yea, the theory is pronounced the core
    principle of magic; the game ends.

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