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The Lost Cellar of Baron Niln • 2016 supplement finalist

Stuart Burns • no link

Open any book. Take any sentence. Go letter by letter to build the cellar. 

You descend the rickety ladder into the cellar.

a) A room opens to the north.
b) The floor opens, dropping you to the room below.
c) An open hatch exposes ladders leading down.
d) A dark passage to the west.
e) Clay flooring, solid underfoot.
f) Traps. Traps everywhere.
g) The remains of a fire.
h) Skeletons lurking in the shadows.
i) Your footsteps echo.
j) Do not stop here, death awaits.
k) Gems the size of your fist. Very cursed.
l) A swarm of rats!
m) A vast chamber.
n) Sparkling lights flickering in your vision.
o) A treasure is hidden here.
p) The floor is littered with bones.
q) A glowing spear on a pedestal.
r) A slope leading south. 
s) A corridor to the east
t) Amphorae, stacked against the walls.
u) An armoured beast guards the area.
v) Spirits of the damned nibble at your soul.
w) A false wall masks a safe place to hide.
x) A summoning circle.
y) A massive serpent bursts forth!
z) Oh gods! The horror! Flee!

A pressure plate reveals the late Baron’s vintage wine collection.

Author Comments (if any)

Author did not add any comments.

Judge Comments

The Lost Cellar provides a nifty way of creating a random path to Baron Niln’s store of wine. By cross-referencing a random sentence with you table of landmarks, it produces a thematically consistent and reasonably variable cellar that could be the entirety of an adventure all on its own. - Marshall Miller

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