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Die, Nirûth, Die! • 2016 rpg finalist

Daniele Di Rubbo •

We’re telling the story of Nirûth the Wyrm, Dragonbane of the Land.

Gather between just you and any number of players, sticky notes, pencils, rubbers, and dominoes.

Shuffle the bones face down and draw one each. Who gets the highest bone begins. Reshuffle, put one on the table, and divide the rest between you clockwise, starting from the beginning player.

When it’s your turn, the player on your right asks a loaded question, beginning with “I wonder…,” about the Wyrm, the Land, or its dwellers.

Match one of your bones with one extremity of the bone-chain on the table. Answer the question, describing what happens in the story. Sketch it on a note and put it between the bones you just matched.

While matching bones, respect the corresponding Vice-theme in your narration: Pride (6), Greed (5), Lust (4), Envy (3), Gluttony (2), Wrath (1), and Sloth (0).

If you cannot play a bone or weave yours into the story, steal one from another player and pass your turn. They ask the next question in change.

When no one can play more bones, whoever has least bones describes and sketches the Wyrm birth, while whoever has most bones describes their death.

Author Comments (if any)

I would really like to credit, for providing inspiration: Avery Mcdaldno (The Quiet Year), Ben Robbins (Microscope), Hannah Shaffer (Questlandia), Luigi Briganti (Under Heaven), Matthijs Holter (A Thousand Years Under the Sun), and Sebastian Hickey (Chronicles of Skin).

Judge Comments

Die, Niruth, Die! tells the tale of a great dragon’s life from birth to death. The game makes great use of dominoes to create a timeline from the “bones” of the dragon and the available themes really nail dragon lore. The rules lay out really clear procedures with a satisfying and well-defined beginning and end. - Marshall Miller

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