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In Transit • 2016 rpg

Tom Fendt •

You are standing at a gate between dimensions (like a bus stop or airport). Drawing upon your surroundings for inspiration, tell a Fellow Traveler (another person who plays this game) about the dimension you are about to leave. You can tell your Fellow Traveler in person if they are there, or by a personal interdimensional communication device. Here are some things you can talk about:

-- How this world is unique from any other you have visited
-- The circumstances of your departure
-- What you are leaving behind or taking with you

If your Fellow Traveler is physically present, you can talk about your joint exploits or exploits enacted independently of each other.

If someone looks at you funny, they may be an agent of your Nemesis, an interdimensional traveler with whom you have a rivalry. Disguise your actions by prefacing your descriptions with “in this video game I was playing...” That or stop playing for a while.

Your Fellow Traveler may ask any questions they wish; do your best to answer them.

Whether you’re wearing your medal of bravery as all the animals tearfully wave goodbye, or being chased even now by an angry mob wielding laser pitchforks, enjoy the ride!

Author Comments (if any)

For Alex Carlson, who inspired me to actually sit down and make this game real

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