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The Duke's Laws • 2016 rpg

Guillaume Clerc •

You shall not:
- disobey the Duke or his representatives,
- commit murder,
- practice sorcery,
- wear a mask,
- fall in love.

In this City of beauty, sex, gambling and debauchery, of palaces, alleys and canals…
- a cruel, tyrannical Duke rules, still unchallenged
- cloaked inquisitors hunt down conspirators and lawbreakers
- a necromancer uses the knowledge of the dead.
- a noble house is raising through crime

Choose each:
- a name,
- an occupation (astrologer, courtier, musician, physician, thief),
- who you are bound to.
Decide what just got wrong for you. Another player says how it will turn worse soon.

Players take turns playing their character.
On your turn:
- Set the scene: Where are you? Who is there? What is happening?
- Each other player adds a fact, and ask you one or two questions. Answer by telling what you do and say.
- If you respect a Law and suffer from it, explain what it costs you and take a 'transgression' token.
- If you have a 'transgression' token, you can discard it and (dramatically) break a Law. Describe how.

When asking something:
- Ask about actions, intentions or feelings.
- Build on previous answers.
- Make the character's life complicated.

When everybody has discarded a token, narrate your final fate.

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