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Alone in the Dark • 2016 rpg

Soren Ludwig • no link

You wake up in a dark, quiet place.  You don’t know how you got there or where you are.  There is a group of other people with you.  There is a lit candle next to each person.  All you know is that you need to escape, there is a monster here, the light is the only thing keeping you alive, and only one can escape alive.

Start the game with three or more players.  Light a candle for each player.  If your candle goes out, you die and you narrate what happens.  If there are only two players left and you know how to escape, make a successful roll and narrate how you escape.

When you try to do something, roll two six sided dice.  If you roll above a 7, you get what you want.  If you roll 7 or below, the person next to you narrates what bad things happen.  On a result of a 2, something horrific happens.  If you try hurt someone else, both people roll dice.  The person with the higher roll narrates what happens.  If they are trying to kill the other person, only a roll that succeeds by a difference of 5 wins.

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