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Trophy Hunters • 2016 supplement

ivan nevill • no link

At roleplaying conventions, there are often trophies, awards or prizes given to the “best players”.
Your task is to get those trophies. But not as yourself.
From the time you enter the game, you will not be playing the game as yourself but as one of the archetypes listed below. Your fellow players will choose different archetypes.
You win if you win a trophy while roleplaying as this archetype. 
You lose if the GM realizes that you’re taking the piss.

Choose (or create) an archetype:
The Cipher: You always need to know more information. Ask another question for the GM to elaborate the scene.

The Chipmunk: You are loving this game! Constantly compliment the GM.

The Coach: Look out for your fellow players. Give them advice. Keep the team together.

The Robot: All out of game interactions need to be regimented. Adhere to the program. Synchronise your watch with the GM.

The Newbie: You are entirely new to this hobby and need help. You may have spontaneous moments of genius.

The Fonz: No matter what, all the other players will think that you are fantastic (for reasons obscure to the GM.)

NB: Please be kind.

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