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Last Night at the Safeword • 2016 rpg

Michael Crowley • no link

2272. You work the floors, doors, and rooms of a nightclub called The Safeword. The house is packed tonight: Yakuza, corporate suits, rich clientele. Management has bailed. Time to shine.

.What’s your look?
.What’s your job?
.What’re you hiding?
.What’re you planning?
.Choose one PC you’re: 
               //using to get ahead
               //one you’re hot for
               //and/or one you hate.
.Assign the Limits 2, 3, and 4 to your Vice Pools: 
               //and Rage.

Take turns. Frame scenes. Ask questions. Pursue plans. 

When you do something to get what you want, roll. If you’re good at the thing, roll 0-3d6. If you’re bad, roll 1d6. Each result generates a token.

.1-3:  RED fill one of your Pools. 
                Another player chooses which and how that Vice’s aggravated.
.4-5:  YELLOW fill another character’s Pool.
                Choose whose, which, and how that Vice’s aggravated.
.6:        BLUE are held, played to clear any Pool.
                Choose whose, which, and how that Vice’s tempered. 

If you roll at least one 4+, you get what you want. Otherwise, another player details what happens instead. 

When the tokens in your Pool outnumber its Limit, you indulge that Vice. Say how, and you do it, without rolling. Clear the pool.

Author Comments (if any)

Some remarks: .Games-wise, this thing was inspired in one way or another by: //Force-Blade Punk, by Grant Howitt, //Blades in the Dark, by John Harper, //and Wizards of Three Moons, by Neil Stidham; .Lovelyss and Lovesyck, two (pretty NSFW) webcomics by Alexis Flower are my primary touchstones [Got character style like WOW, lemme remember to breathe…]; .The theme song is “The New Rush,” by Gin Wigmore; .And my deepest gratitude goes to Aaron Nussdorf, Ben Smith, and Brianna “Rockstar” Hoge for their critical and unwavering support.

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