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Con Game • 2016 rpg

Eva Schiffer •

Con Game by Eva Schiffer

A game for one or two players to play in the exhibit hall of a convention. To play you need spare money that you haven’t planned to spend on anything. 

For more RP, pretend you have never played RPGs and are attending a con for the first time. With two players, both must agree on decisions. Discuss in front of the exhibitors if needed.

1. Walk the hall until you see a booth where nobody is talking to the exhibitors. (Bonus points if the exhibitors are dispirited.)
2. Greet them and ask them to tell you about their game.
3. Listen until they finish their pitch.
4. If you don’t know, ask, “If I played, what would I be doing in the game?”
5. (Optional) Ask other questions that interest you.
6. If they were rude or you still don’t get why they think their game is special, thank them and leave.
7. If they answered your question(s) to your satisfaction or the game has innovative ideas, buy the game. (Bonus: Ask the author(s) to sign it.)

Play until you are out of money or have walked the whole exhibit hall. 

Author Comments (if any)

I play this game at most game conventions I attend, and I’m always shocked by how few exhibitors can really explain what they think makes their game unique and worth buying.

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